hm102 collection
hm102a & 102b low arm seats, 102e stool & 102g seat with side table, 102k table with armrest & hm86b armchair
hm59g high back swivel chair with hm102b low arm seat, 102d single seat & 102e stool
hm102 collection



Mariani’s hm102 system is based on the concept of three basic components - a backrest, seat and single armrest - and combining these parts builds a family of ten different modules. Some are asymmetric and can assume different rotations, offering countless solutions and combinations, made up of armchairs, easy chairs, sofas, daybeds, benches and tables.

The range consists of perfectly proportioned, beautifully upholstered building blocks, acting as a simple grid to generate all kinds of seating typologies and functional compositions, thereby responding to various needs of the everyday user - making it adaptable and playful. The upholstered platforms appear to float on the light base frame; while the generous proportions of the armrest and backrest offer comfort and provide alternative working surfaces.

Colours and fabrics can be varied between blocks, with table tops in white laminate, walnut or oak veneer with solid edging, and standard base colours in black or white. Bespoke base colours and finishes can be specified, and power, data and charging units can be integrated.

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  product code width (mm) depth (mm) height (mm) seat height (mm) weight (kg)
hm102k table hm102a low arm seat 800 800 700 400 28
hm102k table hm102b low arm seat 800 800 700 400 28
hm102k table hm102c corner seat 800 800 700 400 30
hm102k table hm102d single seat 800 800 700 400 27
hm102k table hm102e stool 800 800 400 400 23
hm102k table hm102f seat with side table 800 800 700 400 25
hm102k table hm102g seat with side table 800 800 700 400 25
hm102k table hm102h stool with table 800 800 400 400 24
hm102k table hm102j table with armrest 800 800 560 400 25
hm102k table hm102k table 800 800 275 18

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