hm221 collection
hm221 collection - Central Saint Martins, London
hm221b, c seat units & e seat/high unit
hm221 collection - Central Saint Martins, London
hm221f, g half seat units & h half high unit



Originating from a brief set by Hitch Mylius for final year students at Central St Martins, hm221, designed by Timothée Mion is a modular system that alters the perception of how one should sit.

Asked to consider the changing nature of modern working spaces, including collaborative working, social interaction and the use of technology in the working environment, Mion’s research looked at behaviour and the way people use different levels when sitting and working.

His hm221 collection allows a variety of working options; sitting at different levels, standing, and leaning whilst using your laptop. The combination of the modular pieces offers both private, individual working options as well as socially interactive group working.

There are nine modules in the collection; double sided units for freestanding configurations or single sided pieces to back onto a wall. All units can be supplied with power and data modules, and can be upholstered in an unlimited choice of fabrics, vinyls or leathers.

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  product code width (mm) depth (mm) height (mm) seat height (mm) weight (kg)
hm221j hm221a 1200 520 1000 130 23
hm221j hm221b 1160 520 1000 130 24
hm221j hm221c 1150 520 1000 450 25
hm221j hm221d 960 520 1000 130 24
hm221j hm221e 940 520 1000 450 26
hm221j hm221f 640 520 1000 130 13
hm221j hm221g 620 520 1000 450 14
hm221j hm221h 420 520 1000 14
hm221j hm221j 900 500 450 450 10

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