hm102 | Massimo Mariani

The hm102 seating system by Massimo Mariani offers an exciting new level of creativity and flexibility to the user. Reflecting on the belief that designing a sofa or armchair is less about inventing a new form and more about perfecting the simplest and most comfortable of seats, Mariani began working on the concept of a simple system made up of three basic components – a backrest, seat and single armrest. He combined these parts to build up a family of ten different modules, some of which are asymmetric and so can assume different rotations. The result offers countless solutions, made up of armchairs, easy chairs, sofas, daybeds, benches and tables.

The range consists of a series of perfectly proportioned building blocks which act as a simple grid to generate all kinds of seating typologies and functional compositions, thereby responding to various needs of the everyday user – making it adaptable and playful. The upholstered platforms appear to float on the light base frame; while the generous proportions of the armrest and backrest offer comfort and provide an alternative working surface.

Hitch Mylius’ reputation for flawless upholstery and attention to detail is perfectly showcased by the simplicity of hm102’s uncomplicated lines.



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