Colour Hive | Future Trends

We are extremely proud to have been invited to contribute to Colour Hive’s Bi-Annual colour trend forecast for A/W 2019/20. Our own colour experts, Agnes Gregory and Monique Nelson joined the European panel, selected from various design fields, to look at key trends in colour, finishes and materials.

Now available to purchase, issues 50 & 51 focus on four trends for the season. Please follow this link to the ColourHive website.


“Issue 50, Wild examines the conflicted view of protection vs. regeneration. Could rewilding, returning cultivated land back into wilderness, hold the key to current ecological challenges? Or do we fear nature’s encroachment on urban spaces? Story examines the ideas of identity and solidarity; while protectionism and isolationist policies persist in the West, a raft of interesting projects set out to rethink approaches to the immigration crisis. Instead of demonising these diasporas, this trend aims to highlight the cultural importance of disseminating ideas around the world.

In Issue 51, Solace examines the appeal of conscious neutrality in a world gravitating towards increasingly alarming extremes. When presented with black and white, there is strength in choosing grey, deciding to opt for a more considered, measured position. While Vibe celebrates the importance of hedonism and living in the moment; channelling random but visually exciting influences, all appropriated and monetised without undue concern for the underlying message.” Mix Magazine

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