Designer Focus – SmithMatthias

Founded in 2014 by Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias, the multi-disciplinary design studio applies a rigour and thoughtfulness to create expressive and impactful work.

hm48 Tarn is their first collection for Hitch Mylius.

Driven by the challenge to leave a positive footprint, with exciting work for Camden Brewery – including the Jack glass, a dependable drinking glass for everyday – to the Flat Pack Bird House, SmithMatthias’ philosophy takes an exploratory and reductive approach to product design by stripping a concept down to its barest essentials whilst considering all aspects of form and function.

The luxurious hm48 Tarn collection was designed with the intention of creating a warm, soft, inviting seating range.

A beautiful arm detail that highlights the base finish & the lines of the gently curved interior, combine to offer a visually light & comfortable seat.

Their creative partnership thrives on problem solving, seeking a balance between richness and restraint to reimagine products with intelligence, innovation and attention to detail.

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