Projects & Clients

London Metropolitan University

Cartwright Pickard were commissioned by Mace to update four outdated London Metropolitan University facilities; improving internal environments by upgrading fixtures, finishes and furnishings and renewing M&E services and lighting. The works increase energy efficiency and help the client make the best use of the space available, improving circulation and introducing additional informal learning facilities.

Hitch Mylius furniture was specified throughout the four sites; hm58’s and 59’s in the Learning Centre, hm26’s and hm58 stools in the Moorgate Building, hm44’s and 55’s in Central House, and hm30’s and 55’s in the distinctive Tower Building on Holloway Road.

  • hm59a - LMU Learning Centre
  • hm55a, b and c - LMU Tower
  • hm55a, b and c - LMU Tower
  • hm58a- LMU Learning Centre
  • hm44 and hm55 - LMU Central House
  • hm30e and f - LMU Tower
  • hm26a & 58j - LMU Moorgate building
  • hm26b & 25e - LMU Tower