hm83a special star benches and 83b link elements - Eurostar, St Pancras International, London
special hm18 units - Eurostar, St Pancras International, London


Opened in 2007 as the terminus for Eurostar services to continental Europe, hm83 benches and adapted versions of hm18 chairs were used throughout the departure lounge.

Specified by Land Design Studios, the hm83 bench is ideally suited to such a busy transport hub, handling over 9 million passengers per year.

The configuration fits around the existing Victorian pillars, and special length linking elements were supplied to accommodate the precise spacing requirements.

Potential damage from luggage trolleys was minimised with the addition of chromed steel bumper bars that discreetly follow the line of the bench. Steel underplates, completely enclosing void under the bench were developed as a security measure, preventing the concealment of terrorist devices.

Over 160 hm18 single seat units with adapted hm25 stainless steel bases, again to minimise trolley damage sit throughout the lounge, and around the glass lifts.

The units were upholstered in Muirhead Ingleston and Sateen hides.

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